Coach: Jan-Egil Nærland

RÃ¥dgiver, Personlig Coach: Stefan Ivansson

Fysio, styrketrener: Tommy Jansson

Sving/teknisk trener: Puggy Blackmon, , Bill McDonald

Manager/reise planlegger/kontakt person for sponsorer: Ole Aksel Johansen +47 938 44 745

Regnskapfører: Gaute Moen

En tanke om “Støtteapperat

  1. Michael Maseritz

    Dear Mr. Johansen,

    A banana turns brown and a piece of steel rusts from oxidation. A human is no different but we call it aging. Your life as a Professional Golfer has a very short window as a result of oxidation.
    Did you know that a human has 100% control over their oxidation process? The opposite of oxidation is called reduction.
    Our Nuclear DNA is the original framework supplied by our parents and is capable of approximately 50 replications; which is why we age and eventually die, as it’s finite. However our Mitochondria DNA is capable of infinite replications, and is maximized by the quantity of oxygen that is inhaled. The more time you spend focusing on respiration the higher your oxygen supply in your cells; which thereby forces your mitochondria into fission (duplication). This creates a reduction state and it is impossible to age in a reduction environment. In addition disease and illness has no life in a high oxygen environment.
    To learn more how physics operates on the human body, please follow the link to our brief YouTube video entitled «Immortality via Oxygen».

    With best regards,

    Michael Maseritz
    Antalya, Turkey


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